The Ultimate Calcium Reactor Regulator

CarbonDoser UK

Bluetang are the sole UK Distributor for the CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator in the United Kingdom. Used in Reef Tanks with Calcium Reactors and Planted Tanks for CO2 Supply, there is nothing like the reliability and accuracy of the CarbonDoser.  Can be used as part of the UltraPolyp method.

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CarbonDoser – The Worlds Most Precise CO2 Regulator now available in the UK from bluetangmarine.

With the aid of a suitable Calcium Reactor and media this will replenish all your main elements in your reef tank.  Our UltraPolyp method can include the use of a Calcium Reactor and successfully incorporates a CarbonDoser, reactor, media and use of UltraPolyp Macro 2 and 3, Acro+ and Glo coral nutrition and UltraPolyp Bioload for Nutrient Control.  We have had huge success with this setup on one of our systems at bluetang, with our Acropora thriving.  The CarbonDoser provides stable accurate supply of CO2 without having to adjust many times, providing the stability needed for a successful reef aquarium.  When your coral growth explodes, you can simply turn it up! No other adjustments needed.

For planted freshwater tanks, the CarbonDoser will help provide the much needed CO2 supply.

The UK version from bluetang includes:

  • CarbonDoser V2.0 Electronic “Box”
  • CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator
  • CarbonDoser Exclusive Checkvalve
  • John Guest push-in fittings
  • Polyurethane tubing
  • UK Power Supply for CarbonDoser

The new V2.0 allows for the aquarist to position the CO2 cylinder out of the way in a dry remote area.  Then mounting the “box” anywhere such as up on a board with all the electronics/pH controllers/ETC.

This product has forever changed the introduction of CO2 into an aquarium and is used for CO2 injection for a freshwater planted aquarium, or a Calcium reactor in a saltwater application.

CarbonDoser guarantee that nowhere on this planet can you find a BETTER or MORE PRECISE regulator! The problem of “dumping” is completely eliminated with this regulator. Dumping is always a problem with ALL OTHER regulators which utilise a needle valve.  Simply because, a needle valve relies on the pressure on both sides of it for accuracy.  So, even though you have it set at a certain “bubble rate”, once the pressure in the cylinder (or the outside atmospheric pressure) changes, so will the amount of CO2 that passes through the needle valve.  This is why it is physically impossible for any and ALL other regulators that rely on a needle valve to ever be consistent.

This regulator does not have a needle valve, but instead, it has an electronic valve that opens and closes in a fraction of a second, (each “opening and closing” equates to a bubble) and, due to the fact that it is “electronic” the “bubble rate” can NEVER change.  Once it is set, it can never vary more than +/- 1/1,000=of a second.

• Neptune
• Hydros
• PinPoint

More information available at, available to purchase in the United Kingdom from bluetang stockists.