Years in development


“Our goal with UltraPolyp was to create a simple and affordable way of establishing and maintaining a successful reef tank.  Our experiences importing wild Acropora and seeing them thrive in captivity for future generations inspired us to develop this range.  With our method, we believe you too will achieve the same success.”


Years in development

Tested and created with the help of our Acropora


2 easy ways to get started!


UltraPolyp Premixed

Our premixed range is ready to go!

Simply equally dose Ca+, Kh+ and Mg+ available in 1L and 5L.

Now complement with Acro+, Glo, Bioload and watch your reef thrive!

Mix Your Own

Simply mix UltraPolyp Ca, Kh, Mg powders with Macro 123!

Creates many litres of dosing solution.

Now complement with Acro+, Glo, Bioload and watch your reef thrive!

UltraPolyp Method
Coral Nutrition

Super Charged by Acro+/Glo

Our two special UltraPolyp bottles will take your corals to the next level without costing a next level price…


Special UltraPolyp Bottles

at just RRP £14.99 each

UltraPolyp SPS Check List

Our method has been designed to offer incredible results whilst being affordable.  However we believe with the money you will save by using our method to invest in suitable equipment.  We have set out a simple check list below to help you achieve success using UltraPolyp.

Strong Lighting

We believe the time for LED is now! Whilst we love metal halide, the cost in the UK to run is extortionate. We have moved our tanks over to Orphek LED iCon and haven’t looked back.  We hear good things about Ecotech Radion G6 too!

Powerful Water Flow

Enough flow is the key here, if you can’t afford the latest and greatest it doesn’t matter, just ensure you have enough!


An efficient skimmer twice rated to your tank volume! Waste removal is important, think of it as the toilet of your reef tank.   Hopefully you flush your toilet, so think of your skimmer doing the same!


3 Simple Steps

Our method could not be simpler.

To recap, here are the three key steps.

Step 1

Ca+, Kh+, Mg+ dosing solutions are enriched with Macro 123 to enable vigorous coral growth.  Alternatively Mix Your Own using UltraPolyp Ca, Kh, Mg powders and Macro 123.  Either way you will have an extremely cost effective method with proven results in professional systems across Europe from the UK to Portugal.

Step 2

We are proud of our special bottles, Acro+ and Glo.  We have never had better results in our systems and don’t just take our word for it, please read our latest beta tester feedback.  Simply add Acro+ in the morning and Glo in the evening and watch your corals thrive.  Even better, Acro+ and Glo are RRP £14.99 each.

Step 3

UltraPolyp Bioload

Bioload is a concentrated carbon source, to enable the lowering of Nitrate and Phosphate.  Bioload helps your corals to be at their best by keeping your reef at a healthy nutrient levels.  We recommend keeping nitrate levels under 10ppm.  Please make sure you have sufficient bio media and a suitable skimmer.

Made in England

UltraPolyp has been designed to be simple, affordable and extremely effective.  Ca+, Kh+, Mg+, Acro+, Glo and Bioload.