UltraPolyp Acro+ and Glo
UltraPolyp Coral Nutrition

UltraPolyp Acro+ and Glo

Superior in every way… value and results!  We decided 5 or so coral nutrition bottles wasn’t ideal so packed our ultra special formula into 2 bottles.   We are seeing next level results without the next level price tag.

UltraPolyp Acro+

UltraPolyp Acro+ is an extra special concentrated formula designed to accelerate Acropora health, growth, tissue formation and overall vigour without increasing nutrients.  Acro+ contains an ultra blend of aminos and water soluble compounds, that all corals will thrive on.  We are proud of Acro+, and hope you and your corals can join us! Best used in conjunction with UltraPolyp Glo.

UltraPolyp Acro+ comes as standard in 100ml.  Suggested dosage is 5 drops per 100L medium stocked SPS tank.

UltraPolyp Glo

UltraPolyp Glo does what it says… Gives your coral Ultra Polyps!  Experience improved coral feeding response, coral skeletal growth, coral colours, coral vigour, reef metabolism and improved uptake of UltraPolyp Acro+.  UltraPolyp Glo’s unique formula contains ultra vitamins and fat soluble compounds that deliver incredible results.  Best used in conjunction will UltraPolyp Acro+.

After dosing UltraPolyp Glo, it is normal for the next 2 hours for skimmer performance to be degraded while your corals uptake all the UltraPolyp Glo goodness.  Suggested dosage is 1 drop per 100L medium stocked SPS tank.

UltraPolyp SPS Check List

Our method has been designed to offer incredible results whilst being affordable.  However we believe with the money you will save by using our method to invest in suitable equipment.  We have set out a simple check list below to help you achieve success using UltraPolyp.

Strong Lighting

We believe the time for LED is now! Whilst we love metal halide, the cost in the UK to run is extortionate. We have moved our tanks over to Orphek LED iCon and haven’t looked back.  We hear good things about Ecotech Radion G6 too!

Powerful Water Flow

Enough flow is the key here, if you can’t afford the latest and greatest it doesn’t matter, just ensure you have enough!


An efficient skimmer twice rated to your tank volume! Waste removal is important, think of it as the toilet of your reef tank.   Hopefully you flush your toilet, so think of your skimmer doing the same!